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A review of sorts- Kyo no oto Sakuranezumi

Hello blog, it’s been a little while! That’s the thing with having lots of hobbies – sometimes one take precedence over the others, and for the last few weeks I’ve been heavily involved with the Tour de Fleece (an online event for spinners of yarn that happens annually in connection with the bicycle race of similar name.) I’ve also been attempting to save $, for some pens I want to buy as well as a very expensive weaving loom. However I’ve been looking out for this particular ink for a while, so when I saw that Fitzgerald Taylor had it back in stock, I had to get a bottle.

As you can see from the photos, I have… a few bottles of Kyo no oto ink. I just seem to like everything about it, from the elegance of the white letterpress outer boxes to the beautiful, minimalist shape of the bottles. The ink itself is generally regarded as being either a little or a lot dry, depending on the colour, but I find it well behaved in the wet broad nibs I prefer, and the shades are often unusual and easy to clean out.

Sakuranezumi is no exception. I would describe it as a dusty, dark, cool plum shade. Right now I have it in a Karas Kustoms Vertex with a broad (Bock) nib which is very wet, and it’s performing beautifully. The most interesting thing about this ink for me is that it has a sort of silver tone to it. I don’t quite know how to describe it as it’s not what I would consider to be a sheen… the colour doesn’t change with different light angles. Whatever it is, it’s intriguing and beautiful, and the ink is right at home among my other dark inks.
Below are some swatches from my ink notebook, which is 52gsm OG Tomoe River. I have adjusted all the photos in an attempt to make the different colours more apparent, but the adjustments are consistent across all of them, so hopefully you can get some idea of how Sakuranezumi compared to my other dark purplish inks.

(This ink was bought with my own funds.)

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