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Blackwing Jerry Garcia Pencils, Pencil Extenders, Eraser, and the Pentel Kerry! — The Gentleman Stationer

It doesn’t stop there: We now have the Blackwing Handheld Erasers (really big and soft and erase quite nicely!) and Blackwing Pencil Extenders, as well as more of the one-step long-point sharpeners. Both the Handheld Erasers and Long-Point Sharpeners all come in three different colors (black, white, and grey) so you can make yourself a matching set. Finally, if you’re looking to try out Blackwing for the first time, or searching for a gift for a Mom, Dad, or upcoming graduate, the Blackwing Pencil Essentials Set is back in stock. It has one of each pencil from the standard line, along with a one-step sharpener and a pencil cap.

The Gentleman Stationer is an authorized retailer of all Blackwing products.

  1. Blackwing Volume 710 Jerry Garcia Pencils. It took me a while to get some of these in, but I wasn’t going to pass them up given that they feature the soft graphite, which is my favorite of the Blackwing cores.

  2. Blackwing Volume 2 Limited Edition Pencils. The Jerry Garcia pencil above followed Volume 2, which not only has the awesome cracked glow-in-the-dark design but also features a specially formulated extra-firm graphite, for those who love an HB or F grade pencil.

  3. Blackwing One-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpeners. Blackwing’s excellent long point sharpener, which only requires one step to achieve a nice, slightly curved point, is now available in three colors: black, grey, and white.

  4. Blackwing Pencil Extender. Blackwing has been on a tear with their accessories lately, and this pencil extender attaches to the ferrule of your Blackwing Pencil, giving you a nice way to use up that jar of 1” Blackwing stubs!

  5. Blackwing Handheld Eraser. Not a fan of the integrated Blackwing eraser? Or most integrated pencil erasers, for that matter? I love this new soft handheld eraser by Blackwing, in three different cases. It’s giant and refillable.

  6. Blackwing “Illegal Pads”. One of my favorite legal pad products is Blackwing’s take on the classic legal pad. Available in traditional ruled (complete with the line down the middle!), graph, and dot, this paper even handles fountain pen ink well.

  7. Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil. Currently only available in grey, though more colors are in the works! This .5mm mechanical pencil features a capped design that protects the tip while the pencil is in your pocket, yet still allows you to click to advance the lead when posted.

  8. Pilot Explorer Fountain Pens in New Colors! The Pilot Explorer is easily one of our best selling fountain pens under $30, and we’ve added additional colors: Turquoise, Lime Green, and Silver! These all come with matte black trim and look sharp. (Full matte black pens are back in stock as well.)

  9. Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Cartridges. In addition to the full line of excellent Pilot Iroshizuku bottled inks, we now have the full line of available cartridges (which are most of the popular colors).

  10. Tom’s Studio Fountain Pen Inks. The Tom’s Studio line of Lumos pens has sold extremely well, as have the fountain pens and specialty nibs. But what about the inks? Tom’s Studio has nearly two dozen inks available, including a pigmented black for those who desire a micron-like experience for their Lumos.


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