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Wgwioo 5 Rolls Clear Packing Tapes, Heavy Duty Parcel Tape 42MM×1KM, Thick, Strong and Extra Sticky, for Moving House…

Size: Clear tape for packing is 42mm wide x 1000m long that can hold for years, the long-lasting holding power makes it ideal also for cartons that have an extended shelf life. Wrap, stick & seal: Moisture-resistant acrylic-based clear tape offers a strong and sticky hold even in a damn environment. Heavy duty tape: The clear tape is compatible with a wide range of materials including wood, glass, cardboard, metal, plastics etc.

Wgwioo Clear Tape 55MM×200M, Packaging Tape for Packing Parcels, Cardboard Boxes and Cartons, Pack of 20 Rolls,Beige

This thick, clear tape will be your go to adhesive tape for sealing packing boxes, moving boxes, cartons, and other cardboard boxes and packaging used; Tasks big or small, this strong tape can handle them all. Our packing tape is a type of adhesive tape purposed for general sealing, wrapping, enclosing, and bundling to prepare items for handling, storage, or shipping. It is widely used for strapping and bundling, normal repairs, stationery purposes and many more. Our packaging tape is widely used to seal boxes, bottles, and other isolating storage units, for very delicate or heavy shipments you can use multiple layers for even more protection and that extra peace of mind.