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Christmas in April from Kaweco, Lamy, Tom’s Studio, and More! — The Gentleman Stationer

The second wave of big news isn’t necessarily a limited or special release, but rather a new brand that we have been exploring over the past couple of weeks. UK-based Tom’s Studio makes a wide range of fountain pens, calligraphy supplies, and refillable fineliners that have captivated our attention. We currently have a small selection of their fountain pens, fineliners, and specialty nibs in stock, and will consider expanding in the future.

  1. Kaweco Sport Piston Filler Fountain Pen. The wait is over. After YEARS of demand from Kaweco fans, Kaweco has released the Sport pocket fountain pen with a piston. The initial release comes in black aluminum, and given the demand, we only received a handful of these. Sold in a set with a bottle of Kaweco Royal Blue ink and a commemorative tin.

  2. Lamy AL-Star 2024 “Fiery” and “Aquatic” Special Edition Fountain Pens. The latest Lamy AL-Star releases hit the shop Tuesday, including not just the fountain pen but a rollerball, ballpoint, and an Aquatic mechanical pencil. We also have past AL-Star special edition pens in stock, while supplies last, as well as a restock of the popular Lamy Cursive nibs.

  3. Kaweco Collection “Apricot Pearl” Sport Fountain Pen. In addition to the Piston Sport fountain pens, we still have stock of the recently released “Apricot Pearl” Sport fountain pens, which is a beautiful translucent orange.

  4. Tom’s Studio “Lumos” Refillable Fineliner Pens. A discussed in yesterday’s review, we recently brought in the “Lumos” series of refillable fineliner pens from UK-based Tom’s Studio, which feature as many as 11 different fineliner and other fibre-tipped fineliner-style points to choose from.

  5. Tom’s Studio “The Studio” Fountain Pen. Tom’s Studio also makes a well-regarded series of fountain pens in bright anodized colors. The “Studio” is Tom’s Studio’s traditional full-size fountain pen, designed to be used for either calligraphy or everyday writing.

  6. Tom’s Studio “The Studio Pocket” Fountain Pen. Not simply a pocket-sized version of the Studio, the “Studio Pocket” features an octagonal cap design and a pen body that posts to full-size. The anodized aluminum finish features textured ridges that provide a nice feel to the barrel, and prevents slippage.

  7. Tom’s Studio Specialty Fountain Pen Nibs. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Tom’s Studio line is the availability of their specialty fountain pen nibs, including two different flex options, a cursive italic, and one of the best stock architects I have used. Nib units are purchased separately and compatible with Tom’s Studio fountain pens.

  8. Lamy 2000 Ballpoints in “Blackwood” and “Taxus” Woodgrain Finishes. Chalk up another one for the “underrated and overlooked” category! Those who wish the Lamy 2000 would come in a regular finish other than Makrolon or Stainless Steel need to look at these woodgrain versions, as they are gorgeous. While they’ve been around for a while, I’ve actually never seen one in person before! (All other Lamy 2000 models are also restocked as of this morning.)

  9. TWSBI Indigo Blue and Bronze ECO Fountain Pens. After being out of stock, this hit release from last season is back in stock. The dark blue and bronze combination has been a runaway favorite.

  10. TWSBI Creme and Rose Gold ECO Fountain Pens. Another popular addition to the TWSBI lineup is the Creme and Rose gold, also back in stock after a hiatus!

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