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DIY Crafty Tutorial Using the January 2021 Stationery Box by Katrin – The Stationery Selection

Hello dear stationery lovers.
Katrin here, with another little crafty tutorial.

What a theme, I thought when I got my January Box. Don’t we all dream ourselves away these days? When I see the stars I always start dreaming… So, why not create a tiny journal for our dreams, thoughts, and wishes using the items in January’s box. 

I tried taking pictures for you during my process and hope it is easy to follow. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on IG, when you have questions about the tutorial (@katrinsizu).

Okay, let’s start. First we need two envelopes to create our cover. Remove the perforated parts (on the flaps) on both envelopes in order to connect them with some glue

I didn’t put glue on the whole flap, so that I could create a pocket. To make it clear that there is a pocket and for easy access, I used a hole punch.


Now that the cover is ready, we can add some pages for writing, collaging… Therefore, I used the paper pad that came in the stationery box for January. It was so handy, that the pages already came with a pre-fold line.

I also added a sheet from the letter set and the wrapping of the sticker pack. If you fold it in the middle, you get a side access pocket and if you cut the other half open at the top, you get a second pocket.

Fix the pages in the middle of the cover at spine and now you can bind it or staple it. In my case, I used a stapler as I didn’t have so many pages to punch through.

For the cover I used one of the postcards, I cut a bit smaller, and added some finishing touches with the masking tape and the stamp.

Now it’s ready to be filled up with my wishes, dreams and thoughts. (See below for a flip through video of the completed project)

Stay safe, healthy and positive.

– Katrin



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