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Fancy Pencils are a (Relatively) Inexpensive Guilty Pleasure — The Gentleman Stationer

Why I Probably Won’t Stop Buying Pencils

Even though I have more pencils than I personally could ever use in a lifetime, I probably won’t stop buying them. Why? Well, for at least the next few years I have an elementary school-aged child, who churns through them at the pace of two or three a week (either from use or loss). If I need to thin the herd, I’ll simply give them to her, or alternatively donate a bunch of pencils to local school-supply drives. The second reason I won’t stop buying woodcase pencils is that they tend to be a relatively inexpensive luxury, that doesn’t take up space forever. Even the most expensive pencils, such as Blackwings, Caran d’Ache Swiss Woods, or the Crayons de la Maison Caran d’Ache, cost $3 to $10, and due to the quality of the wood and graphite they will give you a lot of mileage for your money. When you use them up, they’re gone, and they don’t leave behind waste to go to the landfill. Therefore, if I see a well-done pencil that’s either of high quality or seems super unique or creative, I’m probably going to buy it without thinking much of it if the package costs $50 or less. (Of course, I’m talking new pencils. Some people pay crazy per-pencil prices for vintage stock, and that’s an entirely different calculation.)


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