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★Eternal Pen: The handwriting is permanent and not easy to disappear. It can break through the barrier of time and save notes and paintings for a long time. The metal alloy pen tip is hard and easy to use. Because the wear between the metal and the paper is almost negligible (not forever), it symbolizes eternity, so it is called "eternal pen". ★Working principle: The reason why this metal inkless pen can write without sharpening a knife and no ink is because the tip of the pen rubs on the paper, decomposing the alloy metal molecules and leaving them on the paper; the inkless pen can be used on most papers Smudges for long-lasting handwriting regardless of temperature or weather conditions ★DURABLE AND COST SAVING: Metal erasable pens use compressed nibs to replace up to 200 traditional pencils, no need to sharpen or replace refills; help you reduce the time of sharpening or refilling ink, save money, and can serve you for a long time