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JetPens Gift Guide

JetPens Gift Guide

We’ve updated our Gift Guide just in time for the holidays! In this busy season, the last thing you want to worry about is finding the perfect present for each person on your list. To make shopping for gifts easy and, dare we say, fun, check out carefully created curated guides that cater to everyone and every budget.

We put together a collection that includes 2022’s top releases and most wish listed items. You can also shop limited edition and JetPens-exclusive products!

This collection is for the savvy, budget-conscious shopper, featuring our recommended picks that range from affordable stocking stuffers to luxuriously extravagant finds.

Our Curated Collections are updated year round and cover everything from Art Supplies to Unique Finds. Check out the different categories below:

We’ve tested thousands of pens, pencils, inks, and more for our blogs and videos. Here’s a list of our top ten products in the following categories:

JetPens staff members are an eclectic bunch. We are calligraphers, fountain pen enthusiasts, writers, artists, and even software engineers! Click on the pictures below to read our profiles and shop our favorites.

JetPens Best Sellers of All Time
Ever wondered what JetPens’s Best Sellers of All Time are? Browse this collection to see our most popular stationery, including the Hi-Tec-C, Signo, and EnerGel gel pens. You can also find top selling fountain pens, markers, inks, calligraphy nibs, and more!

If you’re looking for a one-and-done gift, check out our Stationery Gift Sets & Bundles collection. It includes: JetPens Starter Kits, which are thoughtfully put together with everything from pens to paper to help beginners dive into the world of fountain pens, calligraphy, and art; JetPens Samplers, which let you try a bunch of items to find your favorite one; and Color Bundles, which feature an assortment of matching stationery essentials for those who love color-coordinating their collection.

Selection Guides & Videos
JetPens guides and videos showcase the best and brightest of all of our stationery offerings. We recommend perusing through these resources to find the perfect gift:

That’s a Wrap

We hope that you find our Gift Guide helpful, especially in the busy holiday season. Of course, if all else fails, a JetPens electronic gift card is always a welcome gift. It’s also a great time to fill up your own JetPens wish list for your friends and family to look over. What’s on your wish list this year?


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