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Launch Day for the TWSBI ECO in Cerulean Blue, and a Glow Green Restock! — The Gentleman Stationer

TWSBI Ecos in Cerulean Blue start shipping today! If you missed it, the Cerulean Blue ECO is the latest solid-color ECO, on the heels of the glow-in-the-dark “Glow Green” and in the wake of the retirement of the TWSBI ECO Lilac. (Note: We still have a few of the Lilac pens available, if you missed out on this release!) Along with our shipment of ECOs in Cerulean Blue, we also received a fresh restock of the TWSBI Glow Green fountain pens in all nib sizes. Finally, a reminder that our Nahvalur (formerly Narwhal) promotion ends tomorrow, with a free ink sample shipping with each new purchase of Nahvalur fountain pens. No coupon code necessary.

Happy Shopping!

The T.G.S. Curated Shop is an authorized retailer of all brands sold.

  1. TWSBI ECO Cerulean Blue Fountain Pen. The latest solid-color Eco release arrives in “Cerulean.” What ink are you going to choose to match with this one?

  2. TWSBI ECO Glow Green Fountain Pen. The TWSBI Glow Green sold faster than any pen we’ve ever stocked, and for good reason – it’s the glow-in-the-dark TWSBI ECO that everyone has been demanding for years, and TWSBI absolutely nailed it.

  3. Nahvalur Fountain Pen Ink Sample Promotion. Through September 30 (tomorrow!) we’re offering a complimentary ink sample with any purchase of Nahvalur fountain pens, including the new Original Plus as well as the Nahvalur Nautilus. Check out the review of the Original Plus, published yesterday.

  4. Anderillium Inks: Cephalopod and Avian Series. Earlier this week we launched a new ink line, in order to be able to offer our customers more ink choices along with their fountain pen purchases. Anderillium is an excellent series of nature-themed inks, and I’ve been doing a lot of writing with “Colossal Squid Dark” from their Cephalopod series.

  5. TWSBI Bottled Fountain Pen Ink. We’ve been out of stock of several colors of both the TWSBI 1791 Inks, and running low on standard workhorse favorites such as the Midnight Blue and the Blue-Black. All are restocked!

  6. TWSBI Lilac Fountain Pen. This one’s going away, so get our remaining limited selection while you can!

  7. Traveler’s Notebook “Airplane” Series Limited Edition Cover. The LAST ONE is in stock and available for purchase! If you’ve been holding out, now’s your chance. We’re also restocked on regular Traveler’s Notebook Covers, accessories and refills, including undated planner inserts.

  8. Midori MD Notebooks in A4 Size. Those who appreciate a larger writing surface love the Midori MD paper in full-size A4. In addition to having the notebooks back in stock, we also have the full range of A4 covers, including paper and leather versions.

  9. Midori MD Notebooks in B6 Slim Size. Similarly, we’re fully restocked on the popular B6 Slim “Cafe” or “Novel” sized notebooks in grid, lined, and blank rulings.


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