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National Pencil Day (Continued) Plus Atlanta Pen Show Offer — The Gentleman Stationer

Pen Show Season has a couple of different “rush” periods, where multiple shows take place quickly. March and April have the Baltimore, Arkansas, and Atlanta shows all within a month, and while I’ve done all three before, it’s been too hard this year. I will be in attendance at the Atlanta Pen Show this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and while I won’t have a table, I’m happy to arrange show pickup for any orders you would like me to bring on either of those days, as long as we can arrange to meet before noon on Sunday. Use the code “615PICKUP” at check out to drop shipping charges, and I’ll reach out to arrange at time to meet.

Also, yesterday I launched via the Instagram Stories a National Pencil Day Promotion for 10% off all wood and mechanical pencils, using the coupon code “PENCILDAY22” at checkout. I’ll keep this coupon code live through close of business tomorrow (Friday, April 1) since things tend to get buried on the ‘gram.

Several new products hit the store this week. The new Midori MD 70th Anniversary Fountain Pen Sets have sold like crazy, to the point where I only have two left, one in blue and one in orange. (I’ll have to hunt a grey one this weekend in Atlanta to keep for myself.) We also received 22-pencil Hi-Uni Pencil Sets, containing pencils in 22 different grades of graphite so you can experience the full spectrum of what Mitsubishi has to offer in the Hi-Uni lineup.

  1. Midori MD 70th Anniversary Fountain Pen and Ink Sets. Midori has released a clear version of its standard MD fountain pen, in a set complete with a cartridge, converter, and bottle of one of three inks that matches their orange-grey-blue color scheme (the same as found in their MD colored pencils).

  2. Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil Sets. Featuring 22 different grades of graphite from 10H to 10B, with F and HB in-between, this pencil set is perfect for artists or others looking to experience the full range of graphite grades that Mitsubishi has to offer.

  3. Midori MD Pencil Drawing Set. A drawing set for those of us who like our graphite on the “Darker Side”. Includes Midori MD pencils in 6B, 4B, 2B, B, and HB grades, plus pencil caps and a sharpener.

  4. Midori MD “Codex” Day-to-a-Page Notebooks. Freshly restocked in both dot grid and the blank versions, the “Codex” has enough Midori MD paper to allow you go to for an entire year on a page-per-day basis, and ships with stickers to help you set this notebook up for anything from journaling to multi-subject notetaking to planning. Consider adding on some Midori MD Sticky Notes or Undated Planner Stickers to customize your notebook even further.

  5. Soumkine “Oh My 307” Universal Planner. I snapped up a bunch of these when I heard that Soumkine would be winding up their Atelier (hopefully only temporarily but I wasn’t taking any chances). We’re running low on the classic “Mustard” covers.


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