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New Lamy Safaris + Matching Inks, Pencil Shop Launch, and More! — The Gentleman Stationer

Last week we also unveiled our expanded pencil section of the shop, which allows us to offer a better curated selection of wood and mechanical pencils, as well as pencil accessories such as sharpeners and erasers. We have more of the Caran d’Ache Fixpencil “Creative Nomad” sets, new mechanical pencils from Uni and Tombow, and dark handwriting pencils from Kitaboshi and Uni in 4B, 6B, and 10B hardnesses. We’re looking to bring even more pencil stuff into the shop in the weeks and months to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. Lamy Safari 2024 Special Edition Fountain Pens. This year’s special edition Lamy Safari fountain pens feature two different colorways: Pink Cliff and Violet Blackberry, with matte and glossy textures, respectively.

  2. Lamy Safari 2024 Special Edition Rollerballs. As of this morning, we have the rollerball versions of both Pink Cliff and Violet Blackberry listed for sale as well! Enjoy!

  3. Special Edition Lamy Bottled Ink. We have a couple of bottles remaining from this initial shipment. “Cliff” is a rich navy blue, while “Blackberry Violet” is a super-sheening purple.

  4. Lamy Studio “Glacier” Fountain Pens and Rollerballs. We managed to snag some of the Lamy Studio fountain pens and rollerballs in the ice blue “Glacier” finish, which is a personal favorite.

  5. Pilot Explorer Fountain Pens. We received a shipment of Pilot Explorer fountain pens, including the popular matte black pens in both fine and medium nib sizes. The Explorer is an excellent pen at a competitive price point.

  6. Uni Kuru Toga Alpha Gel Switch Mechanical Pencil. The Uni Kuru Toga is one of my favorite mechanical pencils, with its automatic lead-rotation that helps maintain a fresh point on the graphite. The “Switch” lets you turn off the rotating mechanism, which some believe offers greater stability. And the gel grip is insanely comfortable.

  7. Caran d’Ache x Rylsee “Creative Nomad” Limited Edition Fixpencil Set. We have additional stock of the current limited edition Fixpencil Set, which includes a special pencil and select lettering pens in a set assembled by Swiss lettering artist Rylsee.

  8. Kitaboshi 10B Pencils. Yes, you read that correctly. If 10B is a bit much for you, we also have 4B and 6B “Penmanship” or “Handwriting” pencils from Uni. I love all of them, especially for marking stuff up and doodling.

  9. Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencils and Mono Graph Pastels. I only recently discovered Tombow mechanical pencils and their “shaker” mechanism, which allows you to advance the lead by shaking the barrel of the pencil.

  10. Uni Smudge-Proof and Hi-Uni Mechanical Pencil Leads. Uni makes some of the best mechanical pencil lead available. We have both Uni’s standard “smudge-proof” graphite (self-explanatory), as well as the Hi-Uni, which uses graphite similar to the excellent Hi-Uni woodcase pencils.


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