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Old Favorites and Gently Used Updates — The Gentleman Stationer

Our curated retail operation has expanded fairly quickly, but I want to be sure not to lose sight of the original brands that we continue to stock, though I haven’t exactly done the best job of promoting them recently amidst all the new arrivals. Among other things, we’ve recently restocked on Write Notepads, Book Darts, Clairefontaine, and more. I’ve also marked down some additional items that remain in the “Gently Used” section (including inks)! This last batch of Gently Used items has sold fairly quickly, and I’ll be working up another sale in a couple of months once I finish my ongoing office renovations. Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

The T.G.S. Curated Shop is an authorized retailer of all brands shown here. The Gentleman Stationer is supported entirely by purchases from the T.G.S. Curated Shop and the T.G.S. Patreon Program.

  1. “Open Box” Ink Sale (via T.G.S. “Gently Used”). About quarterly, I try to clear out my pens and inks that are getting less use than they should, and put them up for sale in the “Gently Used” section. T.G.S. Patreon subscribers always have first crack at any sales before items become available to the public, in addition to many other benefits.

  2. Write Notepads Classic Hardcover Notebook. These casebound journals make an excellent choice for a commonplace book, personal journal, or any other situation where you want a long-lasting hardcover notebook that will look great on a shelf, in perpetuity. Now available in both dot grid and lined versions.

  3. Write Notepads Weekly Planners (Undated). The undated planner is a severely under-sung piece of gear that I use every week in one form or another. The Write Notepads version is a versatile, full-sized landscape notebook that allows you to plan your week in detail, take notes organized by day, or simply brainstorm in a chronological fashion.

  4. Midori MD 1 Day, 1 Page “Codex” Notebook. I’m always amazed at the ways in which people describe their use of the Midori MD Codex. It not only makes for an excellent personal journal or undated planner, but it’s also apparently popular in creative writing classes where people use it for a poem-a-day, morning pages, and the like.

  5. Rhodia A5 Webnotebook. One of the best “basic A5 notebooks” on the market, the Rhodia Webbie is in stock in all three colors (black, orange, and silver), in both lined and dot grid varieties.

  6. Clairefontane 1951 Clothbound A5 Notebook. What’s turned out to be our most popular Clairefontaine notebook is back in stock in all colors! These retro-style clothbound notebooks feature lined fountain-pen friendly Clairefontaine paper.

  7. Clairefontaine French-Ruled Paper (Notebooks + Looseleaf). We remain stocked up on my favorite paper of all time, Clairefontaine’s Seyes-ruled, or “French-ruled”, paper, available in both notebook form and looseleaf. Looseleaf is an import order, so we’re down to just a few variants remaining.

  8. Kokuyo Sketch Books, Trip Books, and Accessories. These cult favorite Japanese hardcover pocket notebooks are long-time shop favorites, and many people don’t know that they come in colors beyond green, and there are dot grid “Trip Book” versions available! We also recently added this cool bookmark template that allows you to mark your pages with shorthand symbols to track different things if you use this (or any other notebook) as a mini-journal.

  9. Caran D’Ache Editing Pencils. While the red/graphite editing pencil is one of my most-used stationery items, the highlighter/graphite combo is also exceptionally good. We sell these individually and by the dozen, and judging by how many dozens we go through, there are dozens of us out there. Dozens!

  10. Book Darts. Finally, we’re fully restocked on Book Darts, in all finishes and quantities, as well as the bookmark sleeves.


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