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Sunday Reading for April 10, 2022 — The Gentleman Stationer

  1. 2022 Atlanta Pen Show Recap and Report Card (via PenAddict). The big news from the past week is that the pen show circuit is back in full swing. Atlanta was a great show, consistent with years past, and I expect it to continue as “things in general” pick back up.

  2. What’s a Pen Show Like in 2022 (via Well-Appointed Desk). Yes, we want pen shows back! Give the people what they want!

  3. Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – Atlanta Pen Show Edition (via FPQuest). I must’ve just missed Ray who attended the show until Saturday morning. He also has a great recap.

  4. Two Writer’s Boxes: A Cautionary Tale (via KraftyKats). While the Galen Leather Writing Box is quite a nice piece of stationery, there are “less quality” imitators out there.

  5. IWI Inks (via Mountain of Ink). I heard about these Taiwanese inks for the first time at the Atlanta Pen Show, were Kelli and the Vanness crew working the show had

  6. Nothing to Say: TWSBI Diamond 580ALR (via A Fleeting Ripple). I agree, the TWSBI Diamond 580ALR is an excellent everyday workhorse, and has gotten even better over the years now that it’s available in different colors.

  7. Lesson’s from Saturday’s In-Person Pen Group Meetup (via mnmlscholar). Pen clubs and meetups are excellent venues for meeting other hobbyists and trying out stationery that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to see in person. Coincidentally, our local pen group met yesterday. If you’re in the Nashville, Tennessee area, consider joining the Middle Tennessee Fountain Pen Club, which meets weekly on Saturday afternoons. (Join the Facebook group or contact me for details, if you don’t use Facebook.)

  8. The Good Blue R615 Fountain Pen (via Rants of the Archer). An interesting design, and yet another example of the creativity arising out of the pandemic as people rediscover analog tools and want to create their own.

  9. Diplomat Aero (via Dapprman). Quickly becoming a modern classic, the Diplomat Aero is one of those interesting designs that provides a reliable writing experience that won’t break the bank.

  10. The Perfect…. (via Comfortable Shoes Studio). A great read on why it’s sometimes best to jump off the treadmill of always looking for “the best [of whatever].”

  11. Pilot Capless LS Fountain Pen (via Pencilcase Blog). I’ve yet to see an actual Pilot Capless LS in the wild, and with this price tag, I’m not sure I would be able to justify the “improvement” in the mechanism. (Noise has never been an issue for me with the standard Pilot Vanishing Point.)

In Case You Missed It…

This week on the blog I finally reviewed the Lochby Quattro, the much in-demand four-pen case from Lochby that sold out nearly immediately. Working on getting more…. I also wrote a sort-of recap about my Atlanta Pen Show experience, and in a bit of a departure from the typical “pen show recap” (done quite thoroughly elsewhere, including several of the links above), I chose to discuss the pens I typically pursue at pen shows these days, as well as my ongoing research project exploring different nib grinds.

This Week in the Curated Shop

The big news this week was the arrival of the TWSBI Swipe in Salmon and Pear (or orange-pink and light green). We currently have them available in all nib sizes, along with most other TWSBI models, which we chose to restock at the same time. We also have a healthy stock of the Caran d’Ache “Pop Line” ballpoints, including the Black Code, Gold Bar, Brut Rosé, and the Original!


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