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Sunday Reading for April 7, 2024

  1. Vanness Pens – Ink Heaven and More! (via Pen Addict – Kimberly). I love my trips to Vanness Pens! It was fun to hang out after-hours during my trip to the Arkansas Pen Show.

  2. Ink Swatching Tools (via Olive Octopus). Lisa walks us through the tools that she regularly uses to make a LOT of ink samples.

  3. Best Architect Grind? Tom’s Studio – Studio Fountain Pen (via Figboot on Pens). Tom’s Studio has been new to me as well, and I agree that the Architect’s nib is excellent. I’m testing this brand in the shop and will have some of their fountain pens and other products listed in the coming days. More on that below.

  4. Time Tetris: Hobonichi Techo Planner Review (via A Fleeting Ripple). I’ve been using the Hobonichi Techo Cousin in a similar manner and can relate to the flexibility the Hobonichi offers, especially where you want to alternate between time-block style planning and journaling.

  5. On Minimal Drawing Kits and Square Sketchbooks (via Urban Adventure League). You all know how I love a good gear post.

  6. Dropped Pens Series (via Stationery Pizza). After reading this post and a few conversations with people at pen shows, I want to talk more about dropping pens and how to fix them. It happens to us all and is nothing to be embarrassed about!

  7. Nebulous Raven Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen Review (via Weirdoforest Pens). I picked up a couple of Esterbrooks at the Arkansas Show and have been rediscovering the brand. The two featured in this review are great looking!

  8. S.T. Dupont Graphite Gul Black D Line Guilloché (via Dapprman). S.T. Dupont is one of those brands that I’ve actually never used, believe it or not. The MSRP is crazy high but the secondary market seems more on target with what the value proposition is.

  9. Inside My Collection: Vintage Metal Pencils (via Fountain Pen Love). Vintage pencils (and pencils in general) get less love from the stationery community than I think they deserve.

  10. Alsterhaus in Hamburg (via Bleistift). I so wish that we had department stores like this one.

  11. Notebook Review: Dominant Industry Ink Archiving Book (via Well-Appointed Desk). Now this is a cool idea!

In Case You Missed It….

I reviewed two pens this week! The Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen – which is quickly becoming one of my favorite entry level pens – and the Lamy Vista (otherwise known as the Safari demonstrator. While part of me of course wished that I was at the Atlanta Pen Show this weekend (and you should go on Sunday if you have the chance), I really needed to get caught up on reviews and a bunch of new shop arrivals. More on that below…

Are refillable fineliners finally a thing that works! I think they might be….

This Week in the T.G.S. Curated Shop

Continuing our core focus on overlooked and underappreciated quality stationery, we added the excellent Tombow L105 ballpoint to our lineup of workhorse pens on offer! New releases that will be arriving and shipping tomorrow include the Lamy AL-Star in “Fiery” and “Aquatic” finishes, as well as a restock of the Pink Cliff and Violet Blackberry Safari pens. Last but not least, you’ll be seeing a trick of pens and accessories from UK-based Tom’s Studio, including refillable fineliners and fountain pens with specialty nibs.

Tom's Studio

Tom’s Studio







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