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Sunday Reading for February 11, 2024

  1. Tactile Turn Icefall (via Figboot on Pens). These Tactile Turn seasonal releases are getting harder and harder to resist. The “glacier” theme is a favorite of mine.

  2. Musubi Rasa Paper (via Inkredible Colours). A review of Musubi’s new in-house paper, which I first saw at this year’s San Francisco Pen Show.

  3. Ensso Bolt Retractable Nib Fountain Pen (via SBRE Brown). Here’s a comprehensive look at Ensso’s latest release, including a disassembly.

  4. Hobonichi Daily Pages Layout (via Stationery Pizza). I’m now more than a month into my own Hobonichi(s), and I’m still working through my favorite way to use the daily pages. I get antsy if there’s a lot of blank space, but then again, some days are just like that!

  5. How I Use My Notebooks: My Kindle Unread Book List (via Writing at Large). Assembling this weekly links post ensures that I see great posts like this one. I’ve been looking for a solution to my “unread Kindle shelf” and this might be it.

  6. I’ve Made Some INK! The Wet Pen’s In-House Ink to Support the Channel! (via The Wet Pen). I love to see content creators supporting themselves directly rather than relying on the conventional affiliate methods, etc. These are very nice colors. Check out Cheryl’s review of the first two here.

  7. Pen Meetup Toolkit (via Olive Octopus). Do you have a set toolkit or bag that you keep packed for meetups or specific trips?

  8. Broken Pens: Two Years of A Fleeting Ripple (via A Fleeting Ripple). Congratulations on two years of blogging! For those who love fountain pen horror stories, the second one is fantastic.

  9. Uni-Ball One F and One P Review (via the Poor Penman). I’ll need to get my hands on some of Uni’s latest gel pen release, if the ink is that good.

  10. Kaweco Perkeo Limited Edition Infrared (via Well-Appointed Desk). Be sure to check out Kaweco’s Perkeo limited release – it’s nice to see companies paying attention to the lower end of the price spectrum with their limited offerings.

In Case You Missed It…

This week on the blog I recapped my adventures in New York City at the NY Now and Shoppe Object Stationery Trade Shows! Since the focus of these types of shows tend to be on non-fountain pen items like paper, desk accessories, pencils, and other types of pens, I was thinking about my love for retractable ballpoints and wrote a more extended piece discussing the relative advantages and disadvantages of click and twist pens.

If you’re a fan of Glacier finish pens, as I am, be sure to check out our most recent shipment of the Lamy Studio in Glacier finish.

This Week in the T.G.S. Curated Shop

We returned to a lot of new arrivals in the shop, including a shipment of the latest Original Plus releases from Nahvalur – the Lovina Graphite and Matira Quartz! These pens are new riffs on last year’s limited edition Lovina Black and Matira White, only these pens feature different materials (shimmery resins, not flat) paired with Nahvalur’s excellent rose gold trim.

We’ve also added additional everyday carry-style pens to the shop, including the Tombow Airpress pressurized ballpoint (which made an appearance in yesterday’s post and companion YouTube demo video). Check out the Thursday Drops post for a full list of recent arrivals!





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