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Sunday Reading for May 22, 2022 — The Gentleman Stationer

  1. Sanzen Tomoe River Paper Compared to the OG (via Leigh Reyes). Leigh has a very thorough comparison of the Sanzen Tomoe River Paper to the original. If you’re interested in using this paper for art, inkwashes, watercolors and more, you’ll want to read Leigh’s latest post.

  2. Mountain of Ink Turns Five (via Mountain of Ink). Congratulations to Kelly on five years! Be sure to check out her giveaway!

  3. Four Paths out of the Low-Ink-Level Conundrum (via mnmlscholar). The number of bottles I’ve ever written dry (as opposed to selling them off or giving them away at the half-way point or less) can probably be counted on one hand, but if you find yourself in this position, I typically syringe fill or dunk the converter without doing through the nib.

  4. Shark Week: Jinhao Shark Pen (via A Fleeting Ripple). So maybe it’s more of a novelty item than a true daily workhorse, but the shark pens have always made me smile.

  5. Monarca Arena Blanca Ink Review (via Pen Addict). Sarah reviews one of my favorite colors from the Monarca line, even though it is somewhat impractical.

  6. Old Records: Some Diamine German Exclusives (via A Fleeting Ripple). The music inspiration alone earns this one a spot on the list. Anyone know where you can get these Diamine Germany exclusives?

  7. Wearingeul Mature (via Fountain Pen Pharmacist). I still have yet to purchase any Wearingeul ink – and honestly, I’m on a self-imposed ink-purchasing hiatus until I figure out what my ink storage situation will be in my new space. I love the depth of some of their colors, though.

  8. Narwhal Nautilus Fountain Pen Review (via The Poor Penman). A very well-rounded review of the Narwhal Nautilus, which I have in for review and will get into the queue myself shortly.

  9. Kilk Novo Baroque with Meerschaum Pipes (via Dapprman). I love looking at different types of collectibles, especially ones that display a high level of craftsmanship such as these meerschaum pipes.

  10. Cosmo Airlight Paper Review (via SBRE Brown). While it’s lost a bit of its newness with all of the different types of paper being introduced to the market, especially the new Sanzen Tomoe River being brought to market, I do enjoy Cosmo Air Light Paper.

  11. Vinta Fairytale Ink (via Well-Appointed Desk). I love Vinta inks – they’re actually some of my favorite on the market today – and if you’re a fan of unique colors you won’t want to miss this latest collection, especially if you enjoy interesting shimmer inks with multiple tones.

In Case You Missed It….

This week on the blog, the big news was that we’re hosting a 10,000-follower giveaway to celebrate not only eight years of T.G.S., but our reaching the 10,000 Instagram-follower mark. This giveaway runs through tonight at 11:59pm U.S. Central Time, so don’t miss your chance! Review-wise, I published a review of the Nina Cosford Sketchbook, designed by illustrator Nina Cosford, and I’ve also updated the Workhorse Pens archive to reflect some recent additions.

New This Week in the Curated Shop

We have desk pens! Namely, the Platinum Carbon desk pen in both black and red, along with the base. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this pen features one of the best extra-fine nibs I’ve used, especially in steel, and you can get one for $13. We also have added the full range of Midori MD Notebook “Light” paper, including the 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Series.


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