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Sunday Reading for May 5, 2024

  1. Papier Plume: The Faceless Lady (via Figboot on Pens). Since it’s Chicago Pen Show weekend, we might as well link to a review of Papier Plume’s annual Chicago Pen Show exclusive ink!

  2. January – April 2024: Four Months in Stationery (via A Gathering of Curiosities). R.B. summarizes pen purchases for the year so far, with an impressive #ifyoucouldonlykeepone set!

  3. TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Sunset Yellow (via Stationery Pizza). If you’re a fan of orange/gold pens, I feel like I have to give a plug to the Sunset Yellow 580 and remind people to grab one before TWSBI cycles out the colors again.

  4. The Taming of the Scribo, Write Here Africa Fountain Pen (via Fountain Pen Blog). Scribo does make a shop-exclusive model for Write Here in the U.K., if I ever make it over! Also, the note about heat setting is important to take into account if you find you need to tweak your ebonite feeds.

  5. Stipula Etruria Fountain Pen (via Blake’s Broadcast). The Etruria was one of the first expensive Italian pens I purchased. I’ve noticed that it’s mainly produced with steel nibs these days, though celluloid editions still exist.

  6. Posh Pens in a Supermarket (via Bleistift). Multi-thousand dollar pens in a grocery store? I like it.

  7. Uni-ball One F Gel Pen 0.5mm Earth Texture Color Series Review (via Pen Addict – Sarah). I picked up a few of these from Kinokuniya when I was in NYC, and liked them so much I decided I’d try to stock them in the Curated Shop. There is no real added “texture” – just speckled resin – but it’s a cool visual effect.

  8. Ink 100: Part 4 Hitting My Goal (via Well-Appointed Desk). Congratulations to Ana on finishing her Ink 100 challenge!

  9. On Devaluing Inexpensive Pens (via SBRE Brown). As you “grow” in the hobby and expand into more expensive pens, do you appreciate your inexpensive pens less? Personally, not if the pen is well-made and writes well. I still use plenty of inexpensive pens but I have become more picky about quality.

  10. It’s the Dawning of the Age of … BRONZE! New Ink from Franklin-Christoph (via Inkdependence). I picked up one of these at the Chicago Pen Show. Look for my own thoughts soon!

Always wild finds in the bar after-hours at any pen show! More on these pens and what they are in this week’s Chicago Pen Show Recap.

In Case You Missed It…

This week on the blog I offered my own take on the “If I Could Only Keep One” challenge/thought experiment, with my “must-have” items from various stationery categories. I also took a short two-day adventure to the 2024 Chicago Pen Show, and recapped my Friday visit (and shopping spree) here.

New Tom’s Studio Arrivals: Lumos Mini Pens and Inks!

New Arrivals in the T.G.S. Curated Shop: TWSBI ECO Caffé Bronze and Tom’s Studio Lumos Fineliners

The big news this week was the arrival of TWSBI’s latest special edition release, as well as a full restock on the Tom’s Studio Lumos series of refillable fineliners, including the pocket-sized Lumos Mini! We also have some remaining limited edition “Tokyo” Traveler’s Company accessories (including the pencil), as well as an entire new range of Tomoe River Paper products and Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter leather covers!

For a full list of all new arrivals this week, check out our New Arrivals and Thursday Drops Posts.

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