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Thank You for Your Support! How To Help T.G.S. Continue to Grow in 2023 — The Gentleman Stationer

Those of you who have been following this site over the years know that it’s undergone a bit of a transformation since 2020. While T.G.S. posts multiple pieces of original blog and social media content per week, the site hasn’t relied on third-party advertising and affiliate support to pay its bills for a couple of years now. How do we keep the lights on? Direct reader support, either through purchases in the T.G.S. Curated Shop or pledges via T.G.S. Patreon. Whether you’re a longtime reader or only recently discovered the site, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a brief moment to browse the carefully curated selection of goods in the shop, and/or visit the Patreon Page.

I’ve enjoyed building an active community both here and on Patreon, and this year the plan is for the Patreon program to evolve somewhat. Towards the end of last year, I consolidated at two levels of monthly support: $3 or $5, with a 10% discount for an annual pledge so you don’t have to deal with recurring charges. Among other benefits, all Patreon supporters will receive a handwritten thank-you note from me, access to monthly online meetups, early access to my periodic “Gently Used” and sample sales, and exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes posts and more that I’ve been working on recently. Over the past two weeks, I’ve added two exclusive posts to the Patreon page and made new gently used items available. (The “Gently Used” page goes public after about a week, once Patrons have had their right of first refusal.)

I’m looking forward to 2023, and building on what we’ve been able to do with your generous support so far! I plan to share more about what’s in store for this year in the coming weeks.

The T.G.S. Curated Shop is an authorized retailer of all brands sold. The goods stocked in the shop are carefully selected to match the mission of T.G.S. in general, which is to highlight well-made pens, pencils, paper, and desk and reading accessories that not only look great but are actually meant to be used in your everyday life.


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