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Sunday Reading for December 3, 2023

  1. The Gathering and the Menagerie (via A Gathering of Curiosities). R.B.’s posts on collecting are among the most interesting I’ve read this year, and certainly have me thinking about how I curate my own collection(s) to pare stuff back and focus on what’s meaningful.

  2. Pens of the Tough Love Variety (via mnmlscholar). Some pens are just built to take the rigors of daily carry. Like the Kaweco Sport.

  3. Diamine Inkvent 2023: Spoiler Free Introduction (via Writing at Large). Many of us are posting our daily Inkvent finds as we go. Just be sure to open your own Inkvent Calendar before checking your feeds!

  4. A Sturdy Pen (Not Fountain) (via Pen Picture). Tombow’s pressurized pen (think Fisher Space Pen equivalent) was popular a while back, but I’ve not heard of it for a while.

  5. 3D-Printed Diamine Inkvent Tree, Version 2.0 (via Cheryl Lindo-Jones). This needs to be a generally available product. Seriously.

  6. Bringing Less Stationery? (via Stationery Pizza). This x 1000. I’ve not inked up many new pens in a while, as I focus on reducing my daily carry to a manageable level.

  7. Early Thoughts on the Hongdian N23 Year of the Rabbit Fountain Pen (via Fountain Pen Blog). Hongdian is one of those companies people keep mentioning that makes inexpensive, Amazon-accessible pens with fairly decent quality specialty nibs. I’ll have to check one out eventually.

  8. Ink Review #788: Vanness Fountain Pen Day (2022). Each year, our friends at Vanness release an official Fountain Pen Day Ink to match that year’s color theme. There are several inks now. Anyone have them all?

  9. Nahvalur (Narwhal) Does Nashville (via Penquisition). Being an actual Nashville Native – one of five remaining in the city, don’t get me started – I have strong feelings on this pen, which I won’t get into in this short post, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they did make an effort to tie the colors chosen to Nashville. I do have to admit that I’m disappointed to see that the artist they chose to help design the pen is from and lives in Oklahoma.

  10. Opus 88 Demonstrator Sapphire Fountain Pen (via Pen Addict – Sarah). It’s interesting to see that Opus 88 is doing more with their larger “ink tank” eyedropper line, in materials other than transparent.

In Case You Missed It….

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending time going through my personal accumulations of pens and ink, selling some off and just generally consolidating. I wrote this short post about what turned out to be the three most “well-worn” items in my current rotation. In the meantime, I’m also participating in Inkvent for the first time ever! You can check out the first couple of days in yesterday’s post, along with details on my plans for documenting the entire Inkvent adventure.

New Arrivals in the T.G.S. Curated Shop: Kaweco Art Sports!

This week saw the arrival of the latest round of Kaweco Art Sport Fountain Pens. For those of you who haven’t been in the hobby 5+ years, the Art Sport is a higher-end line of Kaweco’s iconic pen, in which Kaweco uses Italian resins to make a turned version of the Sport fountain pen that feels quite different from the original injection-molded version. There are four colors: Hickory Brown, Terrazzo (personal favorite); Pebble Blue, and Mineral White. In recent weeks we have also added an expanded assortment of woodcase pencils (including Camel pencils from Japan), and high-quality Japanese scissors from Allex.







Allex Scissors

Allex Scissors

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